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  • Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Relevant services offered by BDO to address the economic situation within Chile of the country and worldwide.

Corporate and organizational structure of the businesses with a focus on:

  1. Increased operational efficiency and reduction of costs and expenses
  2. Efficient tax compliance
  3. Concentration of support and administrative activities under the shared services model:
  • Increased operational efficiency through and reduction of costs and expenses:

This includes an analysis of the relevant processes in the production, operation, maintenance, commercialization and administration. This is performed to detect bottle necks, duplication, mismatches or gaps with regards to the budget or proposed objectives. It  also includes an analysis of the main contracts and services required by the company, according to the objectives, market options and conditions of each of these contracts.

  • Efficient Tax Compliance:

Evaluation of the corporate organization, accounting and tax administration, according to the current legal regulations and compliance in an efficient manner for the companies’ interests, while avoiding risks or contingencies.

  • Concentration of support and administrative activities under the shared services model:

At first, it includes a diagnostic study to determine the feasibility and convenience of introducing the shared services model in the company or group of companies’ organization to concentrate in a single entity in the operation and administration of the business unit or group of related companies.

This model allows to establish in each company only the strategic components relevant to the business, such as: commercial activities, production, distribution, financial and others. Concentrating in a different entity, all or part of the support or administrative activities, such as: IT, supply chain management, accounting, payroll, reporting, accounts payable to suppliers and contractors, etc.

This strategy allows companies to focus their efforts on the core business. They can do this while at the same time obtaining economies of scale, synergies, and diffusion of the best practices through the application of consistent policies and standards in departments such as support and administration.


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