• Energy and Natural Resources

Energy and Natural Resources

The energy and natural resource industry understands that fluctuating demands, volatile pricing and economic uncertainty all drive the cost of doing business at higher rates. For years, BDO has worked with thousands of clients in exploration, production and service companies. We have provided customized solutions to help our clients in the following areas:

- Globalization and the importance to manage projects in multiple countries with varied regulatory and political risks
- The need for financing and tax planning
- The need for infrastructure to support projects in isolated regions and underwater
- Changing customer requirements, with products tailored to meet specific customer needs
- Market price volatility and instability impacting demand in all sectors
- Evolving and complex regulatory environments, ranging from environmental regulations to changing accounting standards
- An increasingly complex network of suppliers with new relationships to manage
- Evolving technology to facilitate communication and lower costs
- Difficulty finding good talent and experience in management and in the field


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