• Human Capital

Human Capital

With Digital Business Operations Process (DBOP / BPO) through its AIIR platform (Advanced Interaction Impact Results), we approach the Human Capital area with a 360 degree vision, supported by a solid technological platform, processes and people. Nowadays the 5M, (Business Model, Operational Management, Interaction, Relationship and Attention) are integrated with the collaborators. We move from a lineal transactional model to an exponential, diverse and highly inclusive interactive relationship model. Nowadays, organizations tend to develop and collaborate in different cluster and employee segments aligned towards a common objective. The Value Chain is aligned to the Value Offer through the most relevant and scarce resource that is Talent, its retention and development.

At BDO we understand that Digital Transformation is born from the Cultural Transformation where hygienic factors evolve with ever higher standards.

Digital Business Process Operations (DBOP/BPO) provides to the Human Capital Area:

  1. Management of Payroll, Benefits and Management of personnel, in internal, legal and institutional compliance.
  2. Desk Human Support multichannel; Portal of self-care and online support to collaborators.
  3. Documanagement; Monitoring and Life Cycle Electronic folder of collaborators.
  4. Transactionality of processes associated with admission, dismissals, holidays, contingencies, control and adjustment of time reconciliation record.
  5. Back Processing Management, monitoring and visualization of physical and electronic documentation.
  6. Technological Platform, with registration, workflows and Dashboard of processes such as Time Control, Budget, Contracts, Recruitment, Development and Management by Competence.
  7. Global Portal: Platform that allows the interaction, display and transfer of encrypted information, taking part of the BDO suite of tools.
  8. Operational Excellence, control impact of Continuous Improvement initiatives, RPA, among others, under the concept of KPI on-line Operation Intelligence.
  9. People Analytics, allowing to explain past situations and predict future events, that affect our collaborators, under a 360-degree client-collaborator model, with on-line measurement tools and applied continuously.